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2023 Home Life Planner

2023 Home Life Planner

The revamped 2023 Home Life Planner is here to help you run your home with ease. It is a simple and effective home management system. Store your important information securely from a central dashboard. Plan your meals and cleaning tasks week by week. Keep track of your health, finances and more. Use the multiple planning pages to stay organised and plan your life seamlessly.

- Keychain
- Utilities Overview
- Insurance Information
- School Information
- Vehicle Information
- Maintenance Tracker
- To Do List
- Household Items
- Habit Tracker
- Birthday/ Anniversaries Tracker
- Weekly Meal Planner
- Recipes Book
- Pantry
- Shopping List
- Cleaning Tasks
-Cleaning Schedule
- Decluttering Checklist
- Fix & Replace List
- Transactions
- Monthly Budget
- Bills Tracker
- Homework Tracker
- Movies & Activities List
- Trips
- Reading List
- Fitness Planner
- Health Records
- Emergency Contacts

This template is hosted on Notion, a productivity app that can be used on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Please take note that all templates were created by MADE by Midé. They are intended for personal use and may not be sold or redistributed in any way without prior consent.

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