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MADE by Midé
is a graphic design service focused on professional design, documentation and presentation.
Let me help you!

I know just how laborious it can be to worry about design after producing a lot of written content. Made by Midé is a freelance graphic design service unlike any other. Offering design services for professionals and organisations — whether you need a well designed digital (Notion) workspace, report, bespoke itinerary, modern presentation or someone to help you manage your design needs throughout the year. Founded in 2020, Made by Midé is here to help you thrive and honour your creative vision.

About Olamidé

Olamide is a self-taught graphic designer with a background in non-profit management and healthcare delivery. She is described as thorough, hardworking and careful with detail. She has great experience delivering a variety of graphic mediums and has cultivated a great eye for design. Her ability to organize and structure information to present in a logical, objective way is uncanny. Olamide is particularly skilled with translating written content into well-interpreted infographics making the information much easier to process. Her style can be described as minimalistic and professional with a Midas touch.

Midas touch

/ˈmʌɪdəs tʌtʃ/


"The ability to turn everything one touches into gold."

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